Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cacao Adventure - Hotel Chocolat / St Lucia

Wow what a day.

Visiting a cacao plantation is one thing spending it with some of the worlds experts and getting every little question answered is another.

Alphonsus and Cuthbert are engaging and excited hosts, passionate about doing things the right way however long it takes. I spent quite some time learning to graft one sapling to another, time discussing the differences between ICS 95 and ICS 1 strains of trinitario beans and a lot of time with my mouth wide open in amazement at what a wonderful thing it is to work in the field of chocolate.

To top that in the afternoon we made bars from beans direct from the Rabot Estate with ace chef Jon and then dined on fine cacao cuisine at the Boucan Restaurant.

More fun than you can shake a chocolate covered stick at!

And my bean to bar bar was waiting for me as lunch finished- I popped it out of the mould straight into my mouth! perfect... well for a first timer!

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